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A past due post

I’ve been busy getting ready for the third grade year so I’ve been missing posts lately as I’ve spent my time late at night getting ready for the next days lessons and next years materials. But I’ll list what I can below as far as I can remember the activities from memory.

We’ve been working on Dubard Stories at the board for quite some time. These stories have ranged from descriptive stories with pictures to personal experience stories using the past, present and future tenses for language. These stories feature nouns, pronouns, verbs and prepositions. We have started writing imaginative stories also with the help of pictures to tell stories. Much of this work has been at the keyboard with typing on a computer so that Lily can focus on the storytelling versus the handwriting as the two together can be overwhelming. This has given Maggie time to practice her typing skills as well. It’s been a great opportunity to teach them both computer skills and get ahead with technology at a young age. Also with Dubard we have been reviewing phonemes and nonsense words on the chalkboard.

We have worked with long division material with the division tube work from Montessori. The girls enjoy this material and it works fine motor skills as well.

We have worked on some fraction work and used our language flipcharts to change things around a bit.

Below is more Dubard short story work.

Below the girls work in their spelling workbooks.

More dubard work at the board working with different tenses being past, present and future.

Posting a part two of this post under a separate post as I’m on an older computer and I can’t load too much photography at once!

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