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A few leftovers and the beginning of 3rd grade!

We have been very busy the past few days getting ready for the 3rd grade year here at the house. Months prior to the start of it I purchased their third grade workbooks that go with their curriculum and started the process of readying materials to go with the new material. After adding a few new online resources and organizing my new working schedules for lesson planning we are ready to go.

A few things I left off of one of my last posts that we have been working on is testing out of 2nd grade and making sure the material we learned then is carried on into our 3rd grade levels. So we worked on lots of test practice material. Much of the work came from Common Core Testing workbooks on the 2nd grade level and Assessments worksheets copied from the matching assessment books. Work also completed was from Spectrum Testing workbooks in all subject areas. The girls worked in their phonics workbooks and we worked on multiplication in the multiplication workbooks. Lily used the multiplication board for this activity while Maggie worked on memorizing her times tables with her multiplication book and workbooks.

In Language we worked in the English/Math workbooks working on plural nouns and adding s, es, ies. We worked on pictographs and abbreviations including math with graphing.

For our first day of 3rd grade we began by writing out our full names and all the ways we can write the date including abbreviations. We wrote out all of our basic work such as numbers in words, the days of the week, the months etc…..and discussed time in detail including seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years etc. converting the time in different ways using math skills.

I must say that Lily’s ability to handwrite is improving at a fast rate and she is able to copy words with ease from visuals now. She has also learned to mimic the size of my handwriting and apply this to her copying skills.

In vocabulary we worked on Classifying objects. The girls identified object groups. Maggie went ahead and worked on synonyms as she finished her work early. We worked on Reading and comprehension skills in the Common Core Reading workbooks. The girls read stories as test practice and answered questions about the text read.

In Math, the girls worked in their Living Education workbooks on time, money and perimeter. Additionally, we worked on some geography as suggested in the math text books and mapped out Peru discussing the geography and location and relationship to where we are in the world. We worked with telling time using Montessori materials added (time telling clock) and while working with the money portion pulled out a learning app on the ipad that revolves around counting money so they children could check their written answers.

In our grammar workbooks we worked on questions versus statements. We unscrambled sentences that were not in the correct order and reordered and re wrote the sentences correctly. The girls fixed sentence errors with capitalization and punctuation errors. They worked on their handwriting skills.

In history we learned about the Shawnee Indians and how they lived in Ohio. We learned about how they teamed up with the British to win their land back from the US but failed regardless as the British lost. We learned about Tecumsch.

We discussed the Pueblo tribe in Arizona and New Mexico and how they fought the Spanish for their land and lost eventually as well. We talked about the Indian Removal Act and how Andrew Jackson pushed out the Cherokee tribe and was responsible for the Trail of Tears. We also discussed Black Hawk from Illinois and the Fox and Sauk tribes.

In Geography we talked about Hawaii and the islands and practiced work with compass direction: N, S, W, E, SE, SW, NE, NW. We talked about Tennessee and read maps about the towns including working with compasses to learn the whereabouts of each place. And we studied a map that had a legend of US world population learning and discussing where the majority of people live in the world and talking about why those areas most populated are in major cities in states.

Above the girls work on time and money with geometry.

Above work with Multiplication and multiplication board as well as grammar books.

Above the girls work on handwriting and grammar and their Daddy even got to join them on one day while they were working!

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