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Geography, Science, Math, English and whatever else we could throw in there……

Above the girls work on English and Math.

Above the girls work on some review words and type out spelling words chosen from their Montessori green series work they are working on presently.

Some other things we have been working on are Problem Solving in their math workbooks. Problems were addition/subtraction. In Science the girls worked on reading comprehension, developing questions, planning solutions and collecting and analyzing data.

In Social Studies/History we did an American Indian review and studied the map of the Trail of Tears in the encyclopedia. We used history books to pinpoint time periods.

In Dubard Language Lily wrote a descriptive story with the park as the topic and an imaginative story from her mind about a mermaid. This was without visuals. We used printed pictures as visual prompts. Maggie wrote imaginative stories based on camping and the park.

We have been using a new study set for all subjects in addition to what we already use. We also picked up on a few digital programs we are trying out for a short time to see if we like them. These programs are and for math. We already use Lexia Core 5 (which is a Rosetta Stone program as well as Rosetta Stone English). The new program we are using uses basic booklets to go through the units and chapters in third grade history, science, math, english etc. It is a religious base set (which I didn’t know when I purchased it) oops–but I find it references religion very little in the booklets and is an excellent addition to more detailed references in subjects as it’s very simple and easy for children to follow with little chapter quizzes and tests to ensure material is learned and remembered. The name of it is Life Pac. If you check out the materials I recommend (if you have more than one child) buying one set and copying materials using the original books as references for maps and color diagrams etc. So far we are covering the human body on topics such as breathing and in history and geography we are learning about mapping out latitude and longitude.

We have been using a workbook called Jacobs Ladder Reading which is great for reading comprehension and answering questions. We discussed consequences and implications, cause and effect, Sequencing, generalization, classifications, and details.

We worked on phoneme reviews on the board with Dubard. In our Montessori green language series we covered card matching, word lists, sentences and reading. We practiced reading in between green series. We worked on 180 days of math problem solving using number lines, and rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and hundred.

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