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This year and some from last….

I’ll start with a few things from last year that I can’t remember if I’ve recorded yet as the holidays took up most of my posting time in the evenings so everything remained handwritten.

The end of last year was a major focus on math and short stories. We have been working on handwriting for some time and we switched this up to focus more on actual writing rather than handwriting coupled with writing as this became quite a task for Lily when it came to doing both at the same time. To accomplish this we added typing when it came time to write out short sentence answers and write short stories and this has added to her ability to create more writings. Added to this storytelling we focused on spelling words using the green series Montessori language series.

We continued on with our Lifepac studies (workbooks) in all general subjects. They especially enjoy the math book as it incorporates geography and science into the book alongside math.

We weighed in heavy with vocabulary and phonics at the end of the year to make room for harder language at the end of our Montessori language series that we are now finishing up review with.

This year for Christmas we purchased computers to help with schooling. Besides that, they were something that both Lily and Maggie have wanted for some time. So we have added computer skills to our lessons and we started off the year learning all about Word software and how to use it.

The girls started out with typing their spelling words and then using that word in a full sentence underneath their spelling word entry. After they were through with their documents they learned how to save them (to the cloud-and choose the appropriate place to save their document) and also learned to print (wirelessly). This is something they were overjoyed in learning as I usually print out their work for them. They loved the independence.

Above pics show the girls on Christmas morning with their new computers. I was too busy with my hands to take pictures while I was working on them with spelling and saving documents…

We have been reading through our green series language and finishing up the last few drawers of the language cabinet.

We have been working on our general math workbooks which include everything from time to geometry, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

We have additionally been focusing as a side lesson on learning how to download and upload photography (as Lily has had a camera since her birthday). So Lily will be learning how to ‘process’ her photography by downloading it to an external drive as a library through her new computer.

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