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Math and Money Etc.

The girls have been finishing up their green series language series in Montessori and working on their new computers online with Lexia Learning for Language.  We’ve been working on handwriting skills in our notebooks for math in areas such as addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.  We’ve combined the green series language with our spelling words and do so with the moveable alphabet, handwriting the words, and typing.

The girls have been working on reading comprehension in both books they read aloud and in various workbooks one being 180 Days of Reading.   We have been covering grammar, reviewing most recently common and proper nouns.  The girls  have also enjoyed their vocabulary workbooks and their Phonics workbooks.  In Language, we have been working on synonyms, antonyms and homonyms again.   For handwriting practice we have combined it with workbooks such as 180 days of Writing.   We have been working in Science workbooks and Geography/Social Studies.  The girls have developed an interest in maps so we have been studying maps and directions.

On Martin Luther King day we spent that time learning about him for history.  The girls learned what the day was about and we took the time to listen to his “I Have a Dream” speech which both children thought was beautiful.  After they both asked me a handful of questions about him it led to why he passed away and what that represented in time and what it means now.   It was a joy to see two children so immersed and interested in history.

In other lessons we have been adding with money and learning the value of each coin/bill.  The girls have gone so far as to ask about each president on the bills so we have mini history lesson reviews on each of the presidents from $1 to $100 bill.  We use play money to help with counting and threw in a fun cash register for checking totals and creating games based on the lessons we are covering….

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