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Math and English

The last of our focus has been on word study, phonics and  reading comprehension.  We’ve been working on lots of reading material where stories and paragraphs are read of different types of reading material and then questions are answered afterwards to ensure comprehension of what is being read.  I find that breaking down stories has helped the girls in writing and creating their own stories also.   We have added Lexia Language Learning on the computer to their lessons and grammar work.

In math, we’ve been working with the addition snake game and subtraction snake game.  We have also been working on measurement and geometry.

In art, the girls have been working with their computers in learning how to find their own coloring sheets and print them for coloring.  They are learning how to create folders and save their work for printing on a later date also.  So computer skills are being learned alongside art.  They have already mastered word documents and know how to save them and print them and are working on turning those into pdfs now.  Additionally, the girls are working on their art pads which connect to their computers and are enjoying a new form of art that is digital.  They are working with a program that is similar to photoshop but a much more simplified version that is easier to understand and geared towards teaching rather than having prior knowledge of using an art program.

Above the girls work on money math.

Above is addition snake game.

Subtraction snake game above and below.

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