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A well overdue post

Seems as though this virus we are all experiencing has slowed down the process of my documenting the activity I have been doing with the girls.  It has not been as structured as our usual routine as we have had to change things around a bit in other areas of our lives.  But we are now getting back into a new normal and reintroducing the everyday activities we are used to.  You’ll notice we are using more workbooks.  This was something that I used to not do as often as I have been.   But what workbooks have done is give Lily (who had a hard time with handwriting) a chance to shine and develop her ability to handwrite in such a way she is now keeping up with her sister.  So in this way workbooks have been wonderful.

I will add pictures to this post but honestly I have no clue when they were taken although it was more current.  My focus was less on downloading photography and more on lesson planning as life events kept me in several different directions at once.  So I’ll start with what we have been up to and throw in a few photographs here and there.

The girls have enjoyed the addition and subtraction snake game lately.  I have wanted to work more with the multiplication checkerboard with them but their interest has been the above.

In the photos above you can see the girls working on the addition and subtraction snake game as well as using bead chains for multiplication.

Above the girls work on their computers doing their English on Lexia Core 8.

We have been doing work in our Science workbooks and reading workbooks utilizing the computer and using it to answer reading questions.  I like combining the element of typing alongside their workbook material and switch it up with handwriting.  The girls have had spelling words just about every day and we do those by handwriting, typing and also using the moveable alphabet.  The girls have worked with multiplication through the multiplication bead chains.

Lily and Maggie enjoy their Beast Academy online which is a great online math subscription if I haven’t already mentioned it.  I like that you can plan their lessons ahead of time so the subjects they see are the things that you have chosen and not too overwhelming.  And on the plus side you can also combine it well with what you are already learning, so you can pick up from anywhere.  The girls also enjoy their Time4Learning website where all subjects are covered.  Of course, Lexia Core 8 is still their favorite though it only covers English.

In other workbooks, the girls have been working on their phonics and word study, and spelling.   We have also been using the Lifepac set which has an I different perspective but we pick and choose between the subjects and jump around as the girls are at different levels in different subjects and that is based on the material or brand of material being learned at times.  We have been working on grammar and geography as well as social studies and history in the workbooks too.   The girls work in several different workbooks dedicated to each subject.

More recently, I discovered a program called Epic Books online.  You can read via the computer, iPhone, ipad etc.  The girls have loved reading books on this app and read on it nearly every day.   It’s fantastic for parents because you can assign different books you think your kiddo will like and keep up with their interests and progress as to how much they have read.   I believe they begin with a free trial first.

We have included many activities outside also such as kinetic sand for fun sensory play, molding with clay, playdough, slime and painting.

As things become more structured I should be creating more interesting activities in the near future as we all get back to a new sense of normal.  But the girls have enjoyed their workbooks and online studies and handwriting has improved drastically for Lily so I couldn’t be happier with that.   🙂  And Maggie has developed a new sense and love for reading and that makes me one happy mommy.

More later.


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