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Work in July

Some work in July will be in this post.  I will work harder in the future to add more to the website versus my ledger books as a hard copy.

Work we have accomplished has revolved around spelling and phonemes.  We’ve been reviewing basic skills in workbooks and including our Lifepac studies as extra work for handwriting practice.  Math is becoming a favored subject now that the girls are learning better to count in their heads versus with manipulatives although we are still using abacus on math problems as well.  We have additionally been working on geometry as in perimeter and area and will be discussing more about volume in the near future lessons to be learned.  The girls especially like geometry as we are working with a game  that they love that includes what they have learned in geometry.

Much time has been with workbooks with review and Lexia online for English studies.  We have included for math Beast Academy and Time4Learning to keep an overall balance with subjects.  I am also using assessment workbooks to help keep skills in check which pertain to the level of work they are working on grade level wise.

Reading comprehension has been a focus also so that the girls will have greater knowledge of what they are reading which reflects how they write as well.

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