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When we first started out we were much more interested in treating areas that involved social/emotional communication.  Play therapy or Floortime was discovered in a Google search and after making contact with Jake Greenspan, the son of Stanley Greenspan who is the founder of Floortime, we began to make progress. Through several Sypke interviews Jake helped us to understand the reasoning behind some of the behaviors we were seeing & he helped formulate a good plan to work alongside our OT with.  He coached us along and was there for any questions we had.  I found his book online & purchased it & found it a useful guide to learning where a child should be developmentally when it comes to language and what areas to work towards.  It follows language comprehension skills and behavior more than letter sounds or words noted so it comes at language at a different angle allowing you to record milestones you are looking to achieve.

The book comes with a CD for easy typing of information in to keep a record of where your child is in language development on the social/emotional level.

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