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Below you’ll find some of the tools we use that I may or not specify on this website. We use as many traditional Montessori materials as possible, those are not necessarily listed on this page but may be.  This will be an ever changing list where I will be adding things from time to time as time permits, so be sure to check back later.



Reading, Writing, Speech 

The Association Method: A Guide to the method.


The Association Method Kit

Reading, Speech

The Kaufman Workbook

Reading, Speech

The Kaufman cards, Set 1 & 2

Reading, Speech, Sign Language

The Kaufman Cards Sign Language Cards, Nouns & Verbs


Handwriting without Tears

Reading, Speech, Reading Comprehension

Rosetta Stone English, Rosetta Stone HomeSchool online, Rosetta Stone Kids Reading

Reading, Language Comprehension, Sentence Structure, Motor planning

Smart Talk




This is a mixture of books.  Some are for me to understand certain things like sensory integration and others are workbooks to keep me up with things like common core curriculum.  Again, this list is ever changing.

Sensory Integration & Occupational Therapy

Jean Ayres Sensory Integration & a The Child

Language Assessment & Floortime 

The Affect-based Language Curriculum (ABLC)


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