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Jean Ayres Sensory Integration & the Child

One of the most important books I have ever read is Jean Ayres Sensory Integration & the Child.  It didn’t just teach me about my daughter.  It taught me about myself & people in general.  It explains how every step of our developmental process as human beings is important.  It is a chain of events.  A difference in that chain of events creates a different reaction & outcome of circumstances. Sensory Integration is a chain of connecting sensory systems.  When those chains get broken sensory dysfunction occurs and a different type of CNS is born.  Each one varies.  It is an amazing process.

To read this book extinguishes fear of not understanding how the human body works.  It takes away fear of not knowing what a certain behavior is communicating. Suddenly you get a better understanding.  And with time and experience the understanding becomes deeper.  Every time I re read a section of this book again I learn something new.  It’s that good.  Highly recommend.

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