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Kaufman Sign to Talk cards

In the beginning, we thought we’d teach Lily sign language.  When we realized her motor planning wouldn’t allow for all of the body movements and her speech skills were improving we lost the need for this interest.  Right about the same time we purchased the kaufman cards the signing set was on sale.  We got the package because it made sense at the time.  Lily learned some sign language and again it helped her to focus in a diagram & natch it in real time with her body position.  This worked out proprioception issues too.  It was additionally fun moving to reword to help the kiddos remember certain ones.  Sign lsnguage is very similar to the language it represents.  We also used the cards to classify verbs vs. nouns.  Now we use the cards for imitation & throw sign language in as part of the imitating.  What you do with the cards changes while you have them.

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