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Kaufman Workbook

The Kaufman workbook was purchased back beforevLily became verbal with sentences. She was combining maybe two or words at a time but not all the time.  I learned about Nancy Kaufman & her materials & I liked the way they were laid out.  Lily liked cards so I gave them a try. While ordering the cards I learned about the workbook.  We waited some time & later on I purchased it. Lily loved it. She was able to compare the cards & words she had learned with the book she was now able to read because of exposure to the words & sounds.  Together the book and the cards work beautifully.  Even the workbook alone is wonderful as the beginning is not sentence structure focused but more focus is paid to the reader expressing what they see in a picture which us what a sentence is made up anyway.  A description of what we can see visually in this instance.  The workbook offers this as it leads up to simple sentences so that is makes the reader successful at reading.

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