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Rosetta Stone

When you think of Rosetta Stone you think of learning the English language.  But you don’t necessarily think of someone with a language disability learning the English language. Turns out it’s a great tool for that. It’s interactive. It allows the person listening to learn language & sentence structure & the context of which to use it. Plus they get to practice it. From single words to whole sentences the program (with the use of a microphone) recognizes whether you are articulating a word or sentence correctly.  If the child is getting a pretty clear understanding of words out & needs help with articulation this can be a great tool. This is in their English version.

Their homeschooling web site is more geared towards children and practices reading and understanding language in a broad basic sense that is fun for my kids to explore.

Their reading for kids program is a cute addition to the above but doesn’t hold interest as much as the latter described. The children like using real computer laptops & the microphones are fun for them to speak in to so this is a great overall experience for both of them. Their website to learn more is here:

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