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 I have included this page of links to provide some more information to understand how far we’ve come as a family these past few years.  To view more about Lily and her past struggles where some continue on but others have improved click here:    It is a document I prepared about Lily for admittance to a school of which she now attends.  She was accepted with open arms. I wrote the paper originally to give them insight about my daughter & where she was at. But now as I look back on it it gives me a clear understanding of just how far we’ve come.  You can also view an update to this document here:   This document needs updating as well because Lily has made advances since the last update was written.

The above document was attached to a website that functions as Lily’s source of her new companion autism service dog. They are training her dog which she will be meeting in the next few months. The site was started to raise awareness & raise funds to purchase the service dog from said company. The site will also act as a portal to receive updates as we will track progress & post Lilys journey with her new service dog. is an additional link to receive updates now & after lily receives her dog.

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