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Do apples turn into flowers, Mom?

We learned today, and have been learning about the life cycle of the plant. One of our topics discussed is trees and one type of tree we like to learn about is the apple tree. We learned about how the tree grows, creates a flower that eventually turns into the fruit we eat, an apple.

Today we were discussing different kinds of plants. In this discussion we took out a worksheet that had 2 columns each containing a vegetable, fruit, tree & flower of some sort. The idea was to match a vegetable to a vegetable, a fruit to a fruit & so on & so forth.

Maggie took one look at the apple on the left column on the page. She knows all about apples. Without having heard the instructions yet she was immediately working on the problem to be solved. She didn’t ask me for direct help. She asked me a solid question to solidify her plan of action. Seeing an apple on one side (the left side which usually means first) and then the flower on the right hand side made her ask the question. She questioned the order because she already knew the answer. She was stumped. After I realized the reasoning behind the very good question she asked I explained the differences of fruits, vegetables, etc and said we were grouping those types of things etc. the idea was understood & she followed through. But she didn’t wait. She tried on her own first. She thought for herself and asked the questions she needed answers to gracefully. For this? I am proud. I know she isn’t just a follower. She is a leader. Someone who questions. Who wants to know the answer. Who questions her thought process. How you like them apples?

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