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A tire swing


Lily swings


I watch Lily approach the tire swing.  From a tree hanging in the back yard it waits to be played with.  Once Apon  a time she may have ignored it there. Or seemingly ignored it not knowing how to motor plan her body around it to make the object a playing thing.  There were times after this that Lily started toward the swing and my heart would drop with excitement. She noticed it. And had enough self esteem to try it out. at first lily used her upper body and paid little attention to where or what her legs were doing. So it seemed anyway. she may have been struggling to make the arms and legs work together and thinking too hard about using her arms because that’s an area she is weak in.  But none the less she learned to Walk the tube while holding it and this was a step closer.

I watch lily approach the tire swing. She grabs on with both hands and without hesitation like she has always Known how kicks off and swings.  and swings. and swings.

anything is possible.

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