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Joy is seeing joy.  Watching joy unfold for the first time.  That little piece of smile that happens with the sudden curiosity that lights up your fingertips finds its way into your inner being and you see yourself in that moment.  A child again.  Reliving every moment again like it was the first time.  Allowing yourself time to remember that feeling.  That is joy.

This smile.  That is ever changing but somehow stays the same in the face it explores each & every day of its being.  That smile.

A laugh.  A laugh that stops me from what I’m doing whatever I may be doing and forces me to laugh along with it.  In my saddest moments it can lift me up and make me forget why I’m crying.  And when I laugh I hear my children laugh with me.  So I laugh.  And when they laugh I hear my happiness in their voices that sing to me reminding me I have many days of laughter still ahead.

That is joy.

Knowing today is joy.

and tomorrow will be too.


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