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Adapting Education is where I store everything.  If it’s not written down it is here.  Most everything here is education related.  When you type in you come to a homepage.  It’s the main page to get you everywhere else. If you choose the drop down menu you’ll find the section that reads, “Lessons Learned”. This is where everything is posted.  If you are keeping up with what we’ve been doing you’ll want to check there first.

Where we are right now is an ongoing summary of where I think we are in certain areas.

Educating Freedom is my notebook of things to do. It’s a dictionary of ideas to look back on and a place to store activities so they aren’t lost & forgotten.

Behavior is Communication is an ongoing log of behaviors I like to add to from time to time.  It helps to note the resolve.

The Association Method is where I track sessions that correspond to the curriculum for the method Lily has learned speech & language skills from.  Because it is incorporated into just about every activity we do, you’ll find most of this in Lessons Learned.  This is a log style to help me keep track of materials to produce.