Below the girls are working on tablets that allow them to explore temperatures based on their sense of touch.  Their are two each of metal, stone, glass, and two different densities in woods.  Each material has a distinct touch and temperature…one is cooler than the next.  So while the girls are blindfolded or their eyes are tightly closed, they choose the coolest tablet based on their sense of touch.  They also match the tablets up to material.  Also in pictureRead more

Loose Photos & Language

I found some older photos on a camera card that I wasn’t sure if I published or not so I’m doing it again before I delete them.   Above the girls work on spelling by using the moveable alphabet and placing in at the beginning, middle or ending sounds of words.  The girls then practiced writing the word on the chalkboards. Above is work with the substraction strip board and the addition strip board. This is matching work on theRead more

Math & Grammar

It’s been awhile since the last post as I’ve been without a laptop and it’s too time consuming to type, post and upload photography from an ipad.  So I’ve got plenty of photography backed up but will post it in bits and pieces…   The girls have started using the math bead chains and love working with them.     Above the girls work on language and grammar with the sentence building boards dictating what each word is be itRead more

Handwriting and Math

Handwriting without Tears and their workbooks are a favorite with the girls.  Even the coloring pages in the books are designed to work on certain strokes that are key to learning how to write.  What I have noticed different with Lily and coloring is her taking her time to slow down to color in the lines.  She discriminates well and chooses her colors wisely getting into the habit of coloring in the smallest of details their appropriate colors. More practiceRead more

Addition Strip Board

Above the girls work with the addition strip board.  It’s similar to their number rods so they immediately understood how to use it after one example.  They have a good time using this board. Below the girls are using the stamp game to add up simple static math examples.  The numbers chosen were picked out by the girls below so they are not as simple as the other examples I supplied for them. The girls work with the teens andRead more

Beginning Grammar

We’ve started really exploring the use of grammar in language the past few weeks.  We’ve so far worked on Nouns and Verbs and added Articles.  We’ve touched up on adjectives too and a little preposition.  The girls are using the Montessori grammar symbols to learn the different parts of speech and it’s working beautifully, helping give them something tangible to the words like noun and verb. The wooden symbols above represent the different types of language.  By color coding theRead more

Geometry and Mat Man

The girls are working with geometry in this post.  I took out the geometry forms and paired them up with the geometry cabinet so the girls could look at both the two dimensional and three dimensional shapes at the same time.  I did something very non traditional as the girls asked me one day why we didn’t use the wooden geometry cabinet as stencils.  The girls wanted to draw different sized circles and saw those in the circle drawer ofRead more

Language and Math

Below the girls are working on math.  Solving addition problems with their checkerboard beads.  This is one of their favorite ways to do math. In the gallery above, the girls are working on math, and some of their practice workbooks that include everything from language to math.  They love completing pages and putting a gold star at the top of the page.  They are working on their common core workbook counting to 100.  We will be doing more work withRead more

More Handwriting

Well, we’ve been doing a lot of spelling and handwriting lately but I figure you use it or lose it and each time Lily practices it she seems to strengthen her grip and Maggie is betting better with her penmanship.  So we’ve been continuing on with it.  You’ll find the sand tray in this setup again alongside the handwriting without tears chalkboard and an alphabet flip chart.  With each letter practice with handwriting I add the Dubard phonetic symbols toRead more


The letter boards the girls are using below are called Magnatabs.  They are boards with the alphabet traced into them complete with letter steps and arrows.  But beneath the dotted lines are magnets.  A magnetic pen comes with the board that is used to trace the letters and as the child does this the magnets will rise to the top of the board highlighting the letter they have traced with silver dots as opposed to the empty ones they startedRead more