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The ball

In the style of Floortime I followed Lily’s lead this morning & instead of starting out with worksheets we started with a game of ball after Lily suggested it. We kicked, rolled, threw, and caught the ball. We added bounce. We used each word appropriately & Lily spoke in full sentences describing each step. Maggie was a major part of play now that Lily include her in everything. In fact, insists.

Maggie’s Lesson on the 15thi

We worked on a bunch of different subjects with worksheets today. Worksheets focused on:

Colors: specifically brown. Coloring a picture & writing out the word brown.
Writing letters: the letter b and m. Both lower & uppercase.
Finding the letter f and color pictures with the letter within them.
freestyle drawing
coloring by shapes

Noun cards

we used the Kaufman nouns cards today.  Lily blew through half of them in less than half an hour.


May 15, 2015 We used ILS today during the Kaufman cards (action) reading.  Lily did great.  She sat and wore … Continue Reading ILS

This morning with Maggie

Maggie & I had time this morning to work on some skills before Lily got up out of bed. Maggie also woke up early.