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May 15, 2015 We used ILS today during the Kaufman cards (action) reading.  Lily did great.  She sat and wore … Continue Reading ILS

This morning with Maggie

Maggie & I had time this morning to work on some skills before Lily got up out of bed. Maggie also woke up early.

a repetitive pattern

to work on a pencil grip and some drawing of shapes and as a prompt to entice Lily to draw some lines we did the all famous “circle, circle splat splat splat” but replaced splat with LINE.

The end of the day workbook

The last activity we tackled was the Kaufman Workbook. Lily lives that book. She amazed me with answering questions and reading out loud what the subjects in the photos were doing.

Phoneme cards

Lily sat at her desk today (cube chair & tray) & stayed seated nearly the entire length of saying her cards.

Handwriting with Maggie

We worked with a fat pencil and gripper writing letters. Maggie has a hard time with her pencil grip.