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Maps and a Trinomal cube.

We covered maps recently but it was really more of an introduction.  To this point we’ve discussed the earth and that it is the only planet with life.  Now we’ve extended that to land and water and now continents. I took out an atlas where we could read in pictures what each continent was and things about each such as animals, landmarks, and people.  The kids enjoyed the maps but it didn’t last long before their attention moved onto something else.  So I’m going to have to make this more interesting to have them sit for longer periods of time on it. Maybe break down each continent starting with an interest like animals.

The trinomal cube was taken out however Maggie abandoned it at the end as we have not had a formal lesson on it yet.  So we will try it again after that has been introduced properly.  She couldn’t help herself & had to try it.

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