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Painting with stencils

We prepared everything to paint. After all the materials were ready & on the table Maggie decided she had an idea. And she did. She came back with a box of plastic stencils that gave various shapes from counting to letters to pictures of objects. She decided we would paint with stencils.  What a great idea.   And so we did.

One of the things we work on is the motor planning aspect of writing for Lily.  She recognizes letters & words, numbers…but has a hard time motor planning them onto paper.  Her start and stop and up & down, left & right get confused. It’s difficult for her to write on paper that letter she tries to write.  We use many grooved out letters so she can write independently, even if she’s just tracing a letter or nonsense word.  Her start and stop when she can visualize a letter & see it there is great.  Especially with grooves. When she has to trace a letter or phonene on paper it becomes more complicated because there is no grooved path to follow & it requires more control to maneuver the pencil.

I loved Maggie’s idea with the stencils.  It allowed Lily to draw her own ideas & put together her own stories. She didn’t need my help to paint things, only to tape up the stencil. Maggie had time to perfect things too.  She enjoyed painting & adding objects to make it her own.  I’m proud of her ideas.  She’s becoming very creative from art to science.




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