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Introduction to Pink Series Language



So what you’re looking at is our set up for the pink series language kit.  We start out with matching word to picture. Lily has great reading skills so she has no problem reading the word then matching the picture. Maggie is just emerging with better reading skills.  She suddenly reads a word & surprises herself. She is learning the code of language so that she can read it & it is opening new worlds.  The next step is we use the moveable alphabet to spell out the word underneath the match. The kids love this step & do very well with it. After spelling it out we work with a program called handwriting without tears to practice handwriting skills.  It was recommended to me by my daughters OT.  Maggie immediately began writing in straighter lines while using it so we continued.   It’s still very new to us but it’s working fine so far.  Lily has hand over hand assistance to complete the writing of whole words in both cursive & print.  Lily original was taught to write in cursive   We’ve stick with this as it is known that cursive is easier to accomplish from a motor planning perspective.  But I also feel print is important too.  So I’m teaching both.  Lily has no problem transposing one from the other.  I write each word in both & she reads them with little effort.  With Maggie, I show her cursive & teach her cursive because it is present in my house.  I do not require her to master it.  And the option is always there to practice without pressure.

Maggie is getting much better writing skills with this program. She has s great ability to copy words well with a visual.

More language.

Working with the moveable alphabet.  Lily felt compelled to put it in order.  🙂

Spelling & writing.  After the word is modeled it is wiped over with a wet sponge by the kiddo.  Then they write over that mark to form the word by themselves.  However Maggie can copy a word without it being modeled but with a visual.

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