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Mostly Math


Maggie above with the counters.  She is using cards I printed out that I pulled to work alongside the box.

Maggie working with the counters & Lily with an activity she used to avoid mostly because of the coloring and fine motor skills involved.  The idea is to match the bead bar to its corresponding number tile.  Tying visual with an object to a number. A worksheet with each bead and corresponding number sits to her right.  After each bead bar and number is completed it is colored in on the worksheet in its corresponding color.  Then she moves on to the next number. She sat through and completed this worksheet without getting up except for once to adjust her seat and retrieve an animal.

Lily pulled the touch boards out the other day from the hall bookshelves so I added it to the shelves.  Maggie immediately noticed it and pulled it. She loves grading from smooth to rough and matching textures and also weights of things.  I’ll be pulling out activities to incorporate weight into our lessons and also more olfactory and gustatory sense ideas.  We have used the smelling bottles but not tasting yet.

Maggie works on the worksheets.

Above Lily works on the hanging number stairs.  She is very proud that she can now hang the beads all by herself.  The eyes on the bead rids are small as is the hook it goes on. It takes concentration & motor planning to achieve this.

Maggie works on the worksheet tray & Lily uses the counters.

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