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Handwriting without tears- Mat Man


What you see above is a very boring picture of the floor. On it are 2 oversized pieces of draft paper, a CD player, laminated letter cards (used with wooden letters), and a magnetic board that holds up the magnetic pieces to make letters with the same laminated cards, but you can stick it in a vertical position as opposed to horizontal on a table & magnetics are fun.  When they stick together it can be a task to pull them apart so it’s great for fine motor skills too.  Ha!

This occasion we drew Map Man.  Again, because I know I’ve mentioned it before, Map Man is s character built up of the elements it takes to create most capital letters. Big lines, little lines, big curves, little curves.  He’s the key to getting children to memorize the pieces that match the word so handwriting or active can be verbally dictated while the child is writing with less hand over hand assistance.  He is definitely the girls favorite part of HWT.  We usually build him with the wooden pieces but instead today we drew him.  He is drawn to music that playfully tells how to draw him in steps, head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc. We press pause on each part to take our time drawing the picture. Maggie is getting very creative with her drawings.  Adding trims to dresses & better symmetry to her hearts. Lily is drawing the inner body parts of the body and adding hair as a creative step to her drawings.  She draws them by herself now. 🙂  In a picture above you see she has combined the building parts to her drawing where we then traced the square the create Mat Mans body.

Maggie listens for the next step.

Lily said she messed up. She was drawing Map Man & decided she would start over.  So we ended up with a Mat Man with 2 heads. But she did a great job following through with each step without prompting.  Lily is having a difficult time measuring the whole space of an object.  As with letters & writing although they combine different things it is hard for her to decide where to start an object.  Or if she is considering the object as a whole entity on the paper.  She’s measuring it in pieces right now although leaving more room for the body now.

Lily works with the wooden pieces & magnetic pieces of HWT. Here she is building the letter Y.

Maggies V. Lily works with X.


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