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A little bit of everything

We have been very busy lately and my lack of posting shows how exhausted I am by nightfall! Lol! I’ll start this post by posting some pictures and describing what is in them then I’ll go through my ledger and try to pick out some activities from there. A few pics may have been on a previous post but I’ve lost track so you get to see them twice if that happened. 🙂

Above and below the girls work on the division board with simple division problems.

We have really enjoyed picking wildflowers as the warm weather has rolled in . So we pulled out the flower press and started taking wildflowers and pressing them. Unsure of what to do with them next we decide to try to laminate a few on parchment paper to keep as artwork.

Above is a mix of Hooked on Phonics work, time sheets, Montessori language materials and Bob Books for reading.

Above the girls work on the multiplication stamp game to help them fill out their workbooks.

Dad sits in to help with the snow experiment above which the girls loved. We have been talking a lot about matter in science and how matter has different forms and can change different forms. So we did a few things in this experiment in that respect. We changed our dry matter powder into a wet substance that grew right before their eyes. We froze some of the product and made a mini snowman out of it. In another experiment the girls learned and explored more about osmosis by adding color to the snow and placing it into a tube to see what the result would be with time (as the colors bled into eachother to create a rainbow effect). We are learning more about this idea by placing dried moss on a plate and adding water and watching the moss soak up that water and turn green the following day. We are doing the same with some tree moss and I’m still looking for a bit of resurrection fern to show them the magic of that plant too.

Girls works on a few of their Smart Circuit experiments above.

A few things not pictured from the ledger books below.

We worked on Language worksheets from their spelling workbooks. This revolved around correcting spelling errors from singular to plural and vice versa. Then in language expression the girls read sentences to find errors and incomplete sentences. We worked on the Lexia Learning Language program on the ipads too. Some other things covered in language were reviews with prefixes and suffixes.

In Math we worked with years, minutes and different scales of time to determine measurements in which was longer in reference to one another. We worked on odd and even numbers as well.

In Science, we had lots of discussions about how things happen…..whether things happen suddenly or over a span of time. Some examples we talked about are erosion and earthquakes. In these discussions we used lots of books from our home library especially the natural disaster ones. We talked about the tectonic plates and the shifting and how that helped to shape the world we know today. We discussed continental drift. and Volcanoes. We took a look at our water experiment in the beaker again to see how the water evaporated and asked why.

The girls completed yet another box set of their Hooked on Phonics Series which set us onto the next color level.

We took a ‘field trip’ to the Aquarium and enjoyed a beautiful day learning all about fish and marine life to add to our Science lessons. I’ll post pictures of this in a separate post to follow this one soon.

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